The Design and Manufacture of 3D Integrated Circuits

Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions, Inc. (ANS) is a business development company driven by semiconductor industry leaders Dr. Hector Ruiz [link to bio] and Dr. Robert Young [link to bio]. Through its strategic initiatives, ANS is committed to building the leading company in the design and manufacture of 3D integrated circuits (ICs). This field represents the future of high-performance computing systems.

Today, ANS is working to establish one or more US-based IC manufacturing facilities fully equipped and optimized for 3D IC fabrication. These facilities are designed to deliver:

  • Orders-of-magnitude improvement in IC performance, energy efficiency, size and capabilities required for mission-critical government and commercial computing, AI, sensor, control and imaging paradigms
  • Access to these leading-edge technologies from a trusted source
  • World-class R&D for custom solutions